Clapton Park Estate, Mandeville Street, London E5; Ambergate Court; Norbury Court; October 1993

Demolished is the title of a portfolio of twelve duo-tone screenprints, divided into three categories under the rubrics AB and C (see Tate P77872-9 for B and C). The portfolio was printed at Coriander Limited, London, in an edition of thirty-five plus ten artist’s proofs and published by Charles Booth-Clibborn, London, under his imprint The Paragon Press. This portfolio is number twenty-five in the edition. The prints were scanned from photographs recording the demolition of tower blocks on three separate housing estates in the borough of Hackney, east London. Whiteread took the photographs between October 1993 and June 1995 using black and white film. The subsequent screenprinting process has enlarged the images resulting in a grainy texture and steely grey tones. Stages in each of the three demolitions are documented in three photographs taken from the same view-point and looking through virtually the same frame. A fourth photograph of each site from a different location records, in A, a pile of rubble, in B, a dust-filled stormy sky and, in C, gleaming tower blocks on a sunny day before the dark, cloud-producing processes of demolition. While the A-series images assume a neutral documentary tone, at odds with the monumental destruction being witnessed, the B and Cseries have more apocalyptic resonances reminiscent of photo-journalistic documentation of nuclear explosions and war damage as a result of bombing

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